Eat Slowly is Very Effective Solution to Lose Weight?

Eat Slowly is Very Effective Solution to Lose Weight?

Japanese researchers have revealed that changing the speed at which a meal is taken can have an impact on weight, BMI, and waistline measurements.

Looking for a simple way to keep the line, without taking your head? Look no further, taking the time to eat what you have on your plate would be THE foolproof solution to losing weight! This is revealed in a Japanese study, published in the medical journal BMJ Open.

The team of researchers from Kyushu University (Japan), authors of this work, investigated whether the speed at which we eat and the obesity could be related. For this, they studied the medical data of 59,717 patients, men and women with type 2 diabetes between 2008 and 2013.

After measuring their BMI and collecting information about their eating habits, and the time they took for each meal, they used a specific equation model to examine the effects of these habits on obesity.

Japanese researchers then observed that the more people ate slowly, the more the development of obesity slowed down. “Fast eaters” were more likely to suffer from obesity than “slow eaters” and “eaters at normal speed” . Also, their work has shown that eating more time reduces BMI and waistline measurements.

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