Focus on 10 Ideas on Thinness

Focus on 10 Ideas on Thinness

We all have received slimming ideas that, in fact, do not make us lose weight. Pauline, before spring, decided to lose her few extra pounds. She will rush to light products, appetite suppressant capsules, stop eating certain foods… Beware of these misconceptions, because these “false-steps of slimness ” will lead her to failure or cracking!

Focus on 10 Ideas on Thinness

1) Eat light makes you lose weight

Light cream, yogurts 0%, margarine light, sweeteners, Coca zero … These calorie-depleted foods are also depleted in taste because calorie intake is essential for the emergence of food satisfaction. A 0% yoghurt is half as good as a whole milk yoghurt. So, we tend to eat them two by two . At the caloric level, this is the same, since the lightened is half the calorie. And if one does not eat them two by two, as one is dissatisfied, one eats something else… This idea received slimming is very common, so let us stop to trust this indication.

2) The appetite suppressant capsules help to eat less

The appetite suppressant capsules make you temporarily forget about hunger. But, it tends to return after a while, with more force. This is called the escapement phenomenon . We are then forced to increase the doses of appetite suppressants, and the risk to health becomes very important. Amphetamine-derived appetite suppressants triggered serious psychiatric disorders, and the most recent ones, such as fenfluramine, or the famous Mediator®, have led to sometimes fatal pulmonary arterial hypertension. Get your way!

3) Jumping a meal helps to lose weight

In fact, it all depends on why you skip it, this meal. If you are not hungry, you are right not to try to eat at that time . You will eat a little later, when you have an appetite. If you are hungry, it is a safe bet that you trigger compulsions by skipping this meal, you will exacerbate this hunger and. Result: you will have eaten more…

4) The monodiete makes lose weight fast

… to get fat just as quickly! The monodiete has been put back into fashion with this idea of ​​detox: we imagine thus emptying the body of its toxins and waste. As if your liver and your kidneys did not work continuously. Making the diet over a short period of time can however be beneficial after having too much fuss, but that does not make you lose, however, over time. Spread foods become more and more desirable, so that after this diet, we eat too much and we grow.

5) Bread and starches make fat

No, it’s still a wise idea about food! What makes you fatten is to eat more globally than what the body needs, in caloric value, on a weekly scale. Starchy foods are filling and long-termly deliver good energy to our body. Just eat it according to its appetite, like everything else.

6) Eating mixed salads does not make you fat

This idea received to lose weight to the long life: many are the women who command the resto a salad composed of caesar type rather than a steak-fries. The two dishes however show the counter about the same number of calories!

7) Eating only protein makes it slim down in the long term

Proteins have benefits, as each category of food. But, eating only meat or ham in large amounts leads to deficiencies and health concerns. High protein diets are relatively easy to follow for a few weeks to a few months because they curb hunger. But beware of the flashbacks! In 85 to 95% of cases, they lead to weight gain and the famous yoyo pounds!

8) To deprive oneself made slim

Any deprivation of a category or certain foods leads to a cognitive restriction : an over-control that becomes a disorder of the food behavior, and always leads cracking, nibbling, compulsions, malaise, guilt. It is essential to eat for pleasure, allowing yourself to be guided by its food sensations. This is called an intuitive diet.

9) Any gap is prohibited to lose weight

The very notion of “gap” is already toxic! It comes from the idea that there would be prohibited food. Still a received slimming idea emanating from deprivation and cognitive restriction! Of course, give yourself the pleasure of having a good meal at a party, an outing in a restaurant. But in fact, it is every day that eating must be a feast, a pleasure, a comfort! We eat as much as it pleases us, we stop when the pleasure of taste ends.

10) Intense sport makes you lose weight

Practicing a sport, however intense, without changing your eating habits, will not make you lose weight, contrary to popular beliefs. On the other hand, the regular practice of physical exercise will allow you to better inhabit this body that is yours, to feel comfortable with it. And that helps to lose weight.

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