Hip Thrust Is The Best Exercise For The Buttocks?

Hip Thrust Is The Best Exercise For The Buttocks?

Let me start by saying that the squat, the deadlift and the lunges are excellent exercises. I am not arguing that women and coaches should avoid these exercises. I simply maintain that at some point a woman can become “too strong” in these exercises and her strength may begin to negatively impact her physique.

Hip Thrust Is The Best Exercise For The Buttocks

In contrast, a woman can develop all the strength of the world to Hip Thrust, and there will only be benefits for her physique. The stronger she will be, the more beautiful her buttocks will be. A simple lift of the basin, at body weight, activates 40% of the buttocks by offering a lower activity in the thighs and virtually no activity of the upper back. While squats and lunges can lead to thighs that are too big and deadlift to too big a back, the basin lift only work for the buttocks area.

It is very rare that a woman’s buttocks become too muscular. Obviously, we’ve all seen photos of women with a huge and round ass but this is usually the result of a combination of fat and muscle. If we took a scalpel and removed all the fat, these women’s buttocks would be perfect, shapely and firm. The problem with the typical method: “Starve and do a ton of cardio” is that you lose weight and you also lose the buttock muscles at the same time. You then find yourself without any form in the buttocks, a problem that is characterized by a continuous line of legs to the back, without any interruption, where should normally be the curve of the buttocks.

A woman who trains with the Hip Thrust does not have to worry that her buttocks get too big. In truth, the stronger she will be in this exercise, the more beautiful her ass will be.

Obviously, the training must be very specific to the individual. Overweight women simply need to move a lot using basic movements, so they will lose weight. Eventually, they can incorporate dumbbell movements into their training and basin lift. Note that, as the overweight people weigh, by definition, certain weight, hip lift are an excellent exercise in strength and conditioning for these people.

Thinner and weaker women need to increase hip mobility, trunk stability and gluteal activation, before moving to weighted hip lift. Otherwise, they will simply use their lower back and hamstrings to move the weight and this may do more harm than good to their bodies.

Just make sure to start at body weight and gradually progress in increasing the load. Once you have mastered the lift of body weight, by performing 3 sets of 20 repetitions, use a weighted bar. Be sure to place a thick, foam very thick and dense under the weight to minimize pressure on your hips. To feel the glutes, learn to develop a powerful “muscle-mind connection” by contracting your glutes as hard as you can with each repetition.

There are also other good exercises that isolate the work of the buttocks and can be used without activating the thighs or the upper back. For example, the Hip Thrust a leg, hip extensions, and many others.


If you are a woman, I recommend you continue squats, lunges and deadlift, but keep an eye on the size of your thighs and the top of your back. If muscle mass begins to negatively impact your physique, then stop working too heavy on these exercises. At the same time, begin to complete your workout with Hip Thrust and other targeted exercises for optimal gluteal development. If you do this, your butt will be perfect!

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