How to Bomb Your Torso

How to Bomb Your Torso

Become the lord of the rings in three beats and dominate the muscle-up (linking a pull and a dip). An exercise, very popular with crossfit enthusiasts, which will allow you to develop pectoral and arm in no time

Combining traction and dips, the muscle-up is a complex movement that needs to be strong, fast and with good coordination. Shoulders, arms and abs are solicited. The exercise is obviously not available to all. But with a little work and a good technical basis, you can rub it.


Grasp the drawbar or rings, taken in pronation, engaging the wrist, so that your thumb rolls over the ring. To work your grip and your grip strength beforehand, do not skimp on the tractions!


At the time of the grip, perform a rocking movement back and forth which will facilitate the rise of the body. Note that your body does not climb vertically (as it would do during a conventional pull) and you have to keep your arms flexed. If power is lacking, you can help with knees or feet when you are approaching the transition phase.


Then lean forward, to completely move your body over the bar and be able to attack the repulsion. Stretch your arms. Stay wrapped and aligned and return to the starting position. Be sure to keep your elbows close to the body when performing the movement.

” DIFFICULT ” LEVEL : If you are unable to align 15 classic pulls or 20 dips to the parallel bars, you are not yet level.

SOLID MUSCLES : biceps, triceps, forearms, shoulders, abdominals.

TRAINING TIME : 10 minutes – Visible results in 32 days.

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