Liposuction Eliminate Rebellious Fats

Liposuction Eliminate Rebellious Fats

Liposuction eliminates fat excesses and unsightly beads quickly and definitely. You refine your silhouette in the exact places you want.

Liposuction Eliminate Rebellious Fats

The indications of liposuction

Lipoaspiration removes fatty excesses that are rebellious to dieting or the practice of sport. It makes it possible to redraw the silhouette by sculpting new volumes. It does not replace a diet and therefore is not intended for people who wish to lose weight.

Although in practice all areas can be treated indifferently in both men and women, there are specific demands on the basis of sex because the fat is distributed differently on the body.


The woman has a so-called “gynoid” morphology. The curves are mostly located in the lower part of the body: hips, panties, upper thighs, buttocks and thighs. After hormonal changes in menopause, women also begin to store fat on the upper body, mainly on the belly and back.


In men, who have an “android” morphology, the accumulation of fats occurs mainly at the level of the upper body: the belly, the arms, the back and the neck. It is not uncommon to have an excess of fat in the chest, often in connection with an overweight problem in adolescence.

It is very common to take advantage of the liposuction to use the fat extracted by reinjecting it by lipofilling to another place of the body to redraw the volumes.

If the fat overload is very minimal, the patient may opt for a less invasive soft liposuction than the traditional technique.

The progress of the intervention

The operation of liposuction is performed under local or general anesthesia and lasts between one to three hours. The stay is ambulatory or includes a night in a clinic.

After having marked the areas to be treated with the surgical felt, the surgeon begins by infiltrating a solution that liquefies the fats. Then, starting from very small incisions in the natural folds of the skin, it introduces cannulas of rounded, non-sharp, perforated foam at the end. These cannulas are connected to an aspirating system which eliminates the excess fat cells in a harmonious and non-traumatic way.

By means of back and forth movements, it aspires the fat cells by means of cannulas. The incisions are then closed with a resorbable wire and covered with a dressing. The scars are totally invisible.

The use of very fine cannulas makes it possible not to make suffer the appearance of the skin in the area treated, and even makes it possible to improve it by retraction of the skin.

The practitioner can remove between four and five liters per intervention (one liter equals one kilo of fat).

During the operation, the different zones can be treated separately or together:

The face

The fat is preferably housed in the double chin, cheeks, jowls and neck. With the liposuction of the face, the lines are refined and the profile lightened and the person appears immediately rejuvenated.


The skin of the arms is very fragile and tends to slacken with age especially in women. When the surgeon does liposuction of the arms, he should avoid removing too much fat to not aggravate the sagging skin.


The liposuction of the hips removes the handfuls of love. To completely refine the waist, the surgeon treats, along with the hips, the belly and the posterior flanks of the back. The hips are easy to treat because the skin thick and firm and retracts easily.

The belly

Belly liposuction sucks only the subcutaneous fat (the one on the surface) and is not suitable for removing the visceral fat that lodges inside the organs of the abdomen.

The buttocks

The liposuction of the buttocks removes the fat of a buttocks too developed or falling, redraws its bounced or suppresses the buttock banana located just under the crease of the buttocks.


The liposuction of the legs treats at once the thighs, knees and ankles to restore lightness and elegance to the lower part of the silhouette.


The liposuction of the thighs makes it possible to remove the panties of horse which has the appearance of a ball of fat visible and to thin the inside of the thighs.


The bump on the inside of the knee gives the leg a heavy and ungracious appearance. Liposuction of the knees is a very good indication because the skin is very resistant and not distended.


The liposuction of the calves is a precision intervention. On the calves, the layer of fat is not very thick and the surgeon has to make sure to aspirate gently. On the other hand, if the calf is too muscular without excess fat, the operation is useless.

Follow-up of the intervention

They are proportional to the amount of fat extracted. Pains are mostly present in the first week.

The appearance of the edema is contained by the wearing of a panty adapted to the morphology of the patient or the patient. It dissolves in half in about a month and has completely disappeared after three months. Bruises resolve within 10 to 20 days after surgery. Tiredness can be felt in the first few days, especially in case of heavy fat extraction.

The patient can take a quick shower the day after the liposuction. No bath before 8 days. He can move and walk right away but will have to wait 4 to 7 days before resuming a normal working life and stop the sport for 1 month. It should not expose the regions operated to the sun or UV for 1 month.

The results: A thinned silhouette

Sucked fat cells do not have the ability to re-multiply. The result of liposuction is therefore definitive, which is very motivating. Visible immediately after surgery, it is optimal after three to six months the time that the skin retracts definitively on the new curves.

The success of liposuction depends on the quality of the skin: it is preferable to have a thick, toned and elastic skin that naturally tightens after the operation.

So, that the fat does not grow to another part of the body, it is nevertheless necessary to have a healthy lifestyle.


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