Listen To Your Stomach and You Will Lose Weight!

Listen To Your Stomach and You Will Lose Weight!

A desire to eat? Have you ever listened to your stomach at that time? What does it tell you when it is hungry? Learning to listen to it while eating conscientiously is one of the best ways to consume reasonable amounts and eliminate the extra pounds.

Listen To Your Stomach and You Will Lose Weight

If you do not feel hungry, do not eat

What signals you sends your stomach when it is hungry ? Have you even taken the time to listen to it before eating? Or do you allow yourself to be trained by your habits such as meal times, lunches with colleagues and snacks to share with the children, moments when you sometimes eat without feeling hunger?

Take the time to listen to your stomach! And put words on what you feel when it says ” I’m hungry “: is it a feeling of emptiness, gurgles in the belly or even a feeling of compression? Generally, these sensations are not pleasant and that is why we want to eat to stop it. But be careful, the stomach rarely sends us orders. We impose on him constraining eating habits. If we eat three meals a day at a fixed time, it is normal for him to wake up at their approach. These hours can change, when we travel for example, and the stomach will take on new habits.

Being listening to your body can avoid many extra pounds

The important thing is to listen to his stomach, without throwing himself on the food from the first signs of hunger. You will then be able to offer your body the right amount of food to meet its energy needs. To satisfy one’s hunger, it is essential to be attentive to one’s body.

Do not mix the hunger signals with the simple desire to eat, for gluttony, or to deceive the boredom for example. Do not confuse hunger with stomach aches and pain associated with stress and anxiety. Learn to distinguish these signals. The pediatrician and zen meditation teacher Jan Chozen Bays advises some exercises in her book Mindful Eating, to become aware of her sensations. She asks: when you eat, what sensations tell you that you have an empty stomach, full or extremely full? Aside from hunger, in what other situations do you feel stomach discomfort; What do you think is happening? At what time of the day are the signs of hunger the strongest?

Answering these questions implies that you let the feeling of hunger take hold and that you take the time to listen to your body.



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