Obesity Surgery by Adjustable Gastric Band

Obesity Surgery by Adjustable Gastric Band

The obesity surgery by adjustable gastric band is directed to people suffering from the morbid obesity. Especially who want make a commitment in a serious medical project of loss of weight and of improvement of the quality of life.

Obesity Surgery by Adjustable Gastric Band


Adjustable Gastric Band is practiced under coelioscopy (without opening the stomach). This surgery is fast
(from forty five minutes till one hour and thirty minutes) and it is painless. It consists in placing a silicone band around the stomach to reduce its volume and to control the absorbed quantity of food. A cable and a housing situated under the skin allow to tighten it or to loosen it. It can be kept for life or four or five years, according to the desired loss of weight.


  • This reversible technique is very effective: the loss can affect 50 % of the overweight at the end of twelve to sixteen months,
  • It slows down the food passage but does not disrupt its digestion,
  • The rate of first post-operative complications and of mortality is the lowest among the bariatric surgery.


  • The blocking of food passage can cause vomiting,
  • The band can be moved and prevent from eating or oblige to reintervene.
  • It doesn’t prevent the absorption of sweetener products such as soda and ice cream.


We can expect a weight loss about 40 to 50 % of the overweight after sixteen months. All the scientific studies showed a good result in 90 % of the cases. That is 10 % of the patients to whom a band is put will not lose weight or will not support the band. For some of them, it will even be necessary to remove the band. This ablation is realized in coelioscopy and the stomach finds his previous state, without aftereffects.



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