Physical Exercises to Lose Weight

Physical Exercises to Lose Weight

Slimming while strengthening his muscles, would not it be a good idea? Your silhouette would be transformed. It remains to find an activity that suits you, that will make you happy. Moving is not a punishment. And do not wait to lose weight and have the body of your dreams to do physical exercises!

Physical Exercises to Lose Weight

You dream of having an ideal body, a fitness silhouette, do physical exercises to lose weight!

Jeanne hates sport. She finds herself too big to support her image in the mirror, stirring in an overheated room … It seems to be heavy and awkward. Jeanne constantly postpones the next gym class, experienced as an unpleasant moment. She pays a fortune in subscription to fitness clubs for nothing. Does it remind you of something?

Jeanne, like so many others, would like to have a perfect body before playing sports. She has not found any physical exercise that suits her, a sport that is not experienced as a punishment for losing weight. These problems can be solved!

Slimming improves physical comfort and sports, even in small doses. “Improving your figure requires you to lose extra fat, but also to acquire more muscles,” recalls the overweight specialist Gérard Apfeldorfer. These muscles help not to regain fat, they make it barrage. Physical exercises thus make it possible to refine her silhouette and to have a better perception of oneself. You have to go there and not wait to have the perfect body so much desired to move, at the risk of falling into a vicious circle!

Try all the physical exercises to lose weight and choose the ones that suit you

It must learn to respect one’s body and come out of a schema summarized by the sentence, “I hate my body” . In this scheme, the sentence becomes a refrain, a trap made possible by repetitive dieting that did not work; All the physical exercises are postponed to later, when “I will have thinned “. To change your attitude, it is better to start by taming your body, even if only with relaxation techniques that make you aware of it. This also involves gifts made to his body, treatments like sauna, hammam, scrubs and massages.

Physical activity can then take again, in the form of soft gymnastics, from the feldenkrais method to the yoga through the pilates. Gradually, you can focus on endurance activities to mobilize fat. Two to three sessions of at least twenty minutes for visible results, Gérard Apfelfdorfer. Hiking, jogging, cycling but also team sports and dancing: try all the physical exercises to lose weight!

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