Slimming with Natural Plants: Myth or Reality

Slimming with Natural Plants: Myth or Reality

The natural plants and the magical substances they contain are adorned with all virtues. They would be slimming, draining, and we could consume them in capsule, in herbal tea … To thin with the plants: let’s make the point.

Slimming with Natural Plants

Lose weight with plants? Why not, according to the virtues given to phytotherapy, defined as “the treatment or prevention of disease through the use of plants”. According to this discipline, each plant would bring its lot of good things for the body. And by extension, in an era where pounds are an obsession, for weight.

Slimming with natural plants? Diuretic properties

The ” draining ” virtues of certain plants are emphasized. But what does that mean? Draining equal diuretic: you will urinate more, and dry you, which will cause you to lose weight in small amounts … quickly recovered a few hours later, to the first glasses of water. If you have cellulite, do not count too much on it either. Moreover, the abuse of these diuretic plants can lead you, in case of excesses, to falls of tension and discomforts. The orthosiphon, but also the meadowsweet, the sassafras root, the ash or blackcurrant leaf, are included in this category. Or the piloselle and the fennel.

Slimming with natural plants? Burn fat and appetite suppressants?

Some natural plants are believed to help burn fat. The black or green tea, coffee, as well as a plant from South America, guarana, rich in caffeine, as well as mate, also enjoyed in South America and tasted as an infusion. The caffeine, theine, theobromine and theophilline contained in these drinks are both diuretics and psychostimulants, while relaxing your smooth muscles. The appetite suppressant effect is present, but like all appetite suppressants, it is followed by a rebound effect: over time, one does not lose weight.

We can also try to sell you mucilage products, that is to say that fill the stomach without bringing nutrients . All this is based on spirulina, an alga prepared in drink, konjac or carob. But having a stomach full, rigid, does not prevent hunger from manifesting itself. Gare with rebound effects, again! You will be encouraged to take also fucus, a common brown seaweed, rich in iodine and vitamins . Does this curb hunger? Probably a little, but again, the effects are weak and temporary, with rebound effects.

Slimming with a herbal drink?

Drinking black or green tea is a pleasure. The same applies to coffee or herbal teas (tisane). Depending on what you choose, it can relax you and calm you, or on the contrary you wake up and stimulate you. Certain plants such as tea probably have antioxidant properties, probably beneficial (this remains to be proved). And then, a good cup of green tea, or black tea, or coffee, are drunk simply for fun.

But, do not rely on these plants and the capsule products that some industrialists have drawn to lose weight. At best, you will be lighter for a few hours, due to a diuretic effect, and you will experience the same weight after you have rehydrated! You absolutely can not slim down with the plants.

To lose weight permanently is a whole other matter: it is a question of eating for the pleasure of taste, and of stopping when we have attained this pleasure. It is about not eating in response to our emotions.


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