Weight Loss Ideas

Weight Loss Ideas

Bodybuilders and fitness fans are constantly trying to establish the best workout, the most effective diet program and the fastest way to burn fat. Unfortunately, there are many obstacles on your way, the most important being the wrong information. The myths surrounding the loss of adipose tissue have been present for many years. Destroying these myths and learning the truth about weight loss are the key to saving time and making your efforts grow at workout. Separate facts from fiction to develop the body you want.

Weight Loss Ideas

Long Cardio Sessions Burn More Fat

This idea is based on a misinterpretation of scientific research. Metabolism studies during exercise have shown that the body burns a greater percentage of calories from fats during easier sessions. Yes, the first fuel used at rest is fat, but that does not mean that being mollasson or doing low intensity cardio exercises makes you slimmer. The key to losing fat is to burn calories and you will not be able to get there during low intensity sessions. High intensity exercises (performed at 75% of your maximum heart rate) are what to do. You will burn more calories during exercise and, once you are done, you will continue burning.

This process, called EPOC (Excess Post Exercise oxygen consumption), allows you to continue burning fat long after you leave the gym. Low intensity training does not bring you the same benefit. This muscle work is of prime importance when you are trying to eliminate fat. Combined with a suitable diet, high intensity workout can make you a fat burning machine.

You have to do Bodybuilding after losing weight

Many people still believe that you have to wait until you have lost a few pounds before lifting the cast iron. It’s pretty absurd. The exercises with additional loads facilitate the fat removal process by maintaining the skeletal muscle, thus preserving the most important metabolic regulator: muscle. Skeletal muscle is the largest organ in humans (about 40% of our body weight). Most people do not realize that muscle is much more than something pleasant to see: this is the key to the fat removal process. The more muscle you have, the more fat you burn, even at rest. A person with very little muscle will have much more difficulty losing weight than a person who maintains his muscle mass.

In summary, if you want to be dry, you must absolutely raise the cast iron. Maintaining and especially increasing your muscle mass is the only way to change the pace of your metabolism. So, do weight training and lose weight.

No fat means no calories

Supermarket shelves are full of 0% fat products. But, is this a good choice of foods if you are trying to lose weight? Not at all. Fat free does not mean without calories or that these foods are good for you. The label of 0% fat has become very popular among food manufacturers as and as the public has become more concerned about its fat intake. Although they actually contain little fat, most of these products are loaded with sugars. Without even knowing it, you could consume large quantities of “empty” calories that will become directly stored fats. To make things even worse, most people read 0% fat on the label, eat in large quantities what they think is a good choice and end up getting fat. Without fat does not mean nothing at all, get used to reading labels to foil the pitfalls of food marketing.

Eat little to burn fat

One of the worst things you can do to burn your adipose reserves is a draconian diet. There is a change that we know well when your diet is too strict, decreasing the pace of your metabolism. This means that the ability of your own body to burn fat will mark a sudden stop. With few calories, the body goes into survival mode and tries to store everything it can. This also means that, as a direct result of your diet program, you might even end up storing more adipose tissue. You talk of a return of flame! Instead, eat your way to better slim down. The frequency of meals and the quality of food are vital factors for a person who wants to eliminate his reserve fat. Take 5 to 6 small meals per day to keep your metabolism high and in addition, this will help you maintain your muscle mass. But, before you rush on the pizza buffet, let us explain the idea of ​​eating your way to better slim down.

Each meal should correspond to the good bases of nutrition: little lipids, no sweets and, above all, moderation. The following should serve as a reference for a healthy food program: low-fat protein sources ( egg whites , chicken breast, fish, lean red meat), complex carbohydrates (whole rice , flakes and oat bran , Cereals and wholemeal bread), lots of vegetables and only a little lipids. Generally, divide your plate into three: carbohydrates, proteins and vegetables. Remember that there is no food plan for everyone and that nutrition is not an exact science. Experiment with different foods and different quantities to find what suits you. If you think about quality and moderation, the rest will be put in place.

Fat burning supplements make you lose weight

Go to any dietetic store and you will find tons of products that claim to burn fat. Are they effective? Some may be, but most are a waste of time and money. Truth appears when you look at science. Remember, when it sounds too much to be true, this is usually the case. There is also the case of currently available products that should be classified as medicines because of their ability to change the normal functioning of body physiology and in some cases cause serious side effects. One of the most popular supplements in this area is mahuang (ephedrine). Ephedrine is used by some athletes to burn fat, but no study has been conducted so far in the sports field. Of particular interest is the ability of this substance to increase thermogenesis, which corresponds to the production of heat by the body. Normally, this represents about 15% of calories burned. Although research on obese individuals confirms some efficacy of ephedrine use, side effects have been recorded, such as elevated blood pressure and heart rate, and in rare cases, death. If you are considering taking ephedrine, consult your doctor first. It seems that some thermogenic agents available in dietary stores can be used with a sensible diet and a workout program to facilitate the fat removal process, but do not count only on these supplements.

Localized Weight Loss

It is believed that localized reduction of adipose tissue in problem areas can be achieved through localized exercises. The theory is that if you work a specific place or a muscle group, more fat will be burned in that area. For example, you might think that by doing a lot of bust readings or crunches you’re going to reduce your fatty tissue to the abdominals? As seductive as it may seem, increasing the activity of a muscle group does not decrease the adipose tissue at this location. Sorry for this bad news, but local slimming is a myth.

The way your body mobilizes fats depends on your genetics and this is an incredibly complex process. Current research shows that exercise mobilizes fatty acids via the hormones released into the bloodstream and that act against adipose deposits throughout the body. There is no evidence to suggest that these fatty acids are released more importantly in the adipose clusters when they are directly located above the muscles that are stressed. Still septic? A study clearly shows that the local reduction of fat 1 belongs to storybooks. In this study on the physiology of exercise, scientists studied subcutaneous fat stores in the right and left arms of tennis players. They found that the circumference (or muscle) of the dominant arm was greater than that of the other arm, but that the fat level was the same in both arms. Tennis stress caused muscle hypertrophy, but despite all the work done by this arm, the fat stores remained identical to the other arm.

Eliminate fat from your diet

Do not make the mistake of thinking that all fats are bad. In fact, consuming the right amount of fat is very important for burning fat and for your general health. Dietary fat is used to transport the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. By removing all the fats from your diet, you can reduce the level of these important vitamins, which over time can lead to deficiencies. Lipids also delay the onset of food cravings and provide the feeling of satiety after a meal. This is the big reason why diets too low in fat fail. If you want to reduce your fatty tissue, be reasonable with your intake of fat and limit their calories to 10-20% of your total caloric intake.



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